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Designed by Designers.

Designed Life Delivered was created by 3 friends from Denver, CO, each with a unique passion for design and all things decor. Having each started successful interior design businesses, Designed Life Delivered is the culmination of our unique styles.

Combining our years of experience decorating a variety of both personal and commercial spaces, our goal is to make home decor convenient and affordable for everyone. We work hard to seek out unique, one-of-a-kind pieces you can’t find anywhere else.

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Meet The Team

Molly Coyne

I have been interested in decorating and design since I can remember. Over the years, I have perfected the art of erring on the side of classic while incorporating smaller touches of trendy design and decor touches. I do tend to gravitate toward a refined yet casual feel in the spaces I decorate. I love the California casual concept and beach vibe done in a classy fashion.

I graduated from California State University East Bay with a bachelor degree in Liberal Studies and a minor in Human Development. I always thought I would teach elementary school or obtain a masters degree in Social Work. Life had other plans. My father was a general contractor and I worked for him throughout college.

My life in the construction and design industries was launched and I never looked back. I worked for several large commercial construction companies in San Francisco and then settled into Building Code plan check in city government. However, after having my own children and staying home with them for a few years, I really wanted to chase my passion for design and it has blossomed! That’s when I started MC Interiors, and I feel like this is a dream come true.

My favorite season to decorate is definitely summer – there’s no better time for that fresh, coastal feeling than when the sun is out. I love entertaining and having friends and family over. I strive to connect my tablescapes and outdoor spaces with the decor I have inside. Rattans, natural fabrics and stones with ethnic pops of color and pattern play major roles in my overall aesthetic. I always want it to appear as if I didn’t try too hard but it all just seamlessly flows together. It really is all in the details.

With Designed Life Delivered, we are able to bring decor pieces to your home that have been thoughtfully chosen to flow both with each other and any surrounding aesthetic. Everything is specifically picked by us because it is classic with a touch of trendy to make it fun and exciting. These are pieces you can keep for a lifetime! There is so much thought and energy going into each and every aspect of what we’re putting out there. I hope that each piece brings a smile and a touch of fresh, exciting new design to a space you love!

Kyndra Georgeson

My love of design began at an early age when I found myself not really playing with Barbie dolls, but redecorating their house every day, having my mom sew new miniature pillows and drapes and accessories to offset all the pink.

As I grew older, I focused my studies on art and creative writing, but often found myself stealing objects from around my childhood home and rearranging my bedroom almost weekly. This desire to create new and eclectic spaces grew and led me to a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from Kansas State.

I then moved to Colorado, 3 weeks after graduation, where I worked for several design firms, including the international furniture manufacture Knoll. I met my super-handy, DIY husband Larry here, at one of those jobs, where he was the Project Manager. In 2004, I opened Platinum Design Studio, successfully servicing both residential and small commercial clients throughout metro Denver. 3 Years ago, Larry and I joined forces to create Georgeson Style, rebranding our business to offer both Interior Design and GC services.

We have 2 amazing children and spend our weekends watching hours of soccer and climbing competitions, going on family hikes, strolling through art galleries and hanging out with family and friends.

I would say that my style definitely leans towards clean lines, modern and bright, airy interiors. I love to dig through antique stores for just the right find and mix it with a high end item from the design center or something from a discount store – whatever works for the space. After spending five years working for Knoll, I have a love of the classics and appreciate strong lines and the history of the pieces. I love to incorporate personal items to the space, things picked up from years of travel and life, but keep rooms simple and calm, striving for minimal and relaxing spaces to call home.

I am most excited about Designed Life Delivered because we all share such a love and passion for design, and we have spent hours cultivating this idea and these products so that everyone will enjoy them, regardless of their style.

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Lori Pratt

I have been interested in design as long as I can remember. I’ve always been drawn to everything decor and design, from tv shows to magazines, to helping my friends and family decorate. I graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 2002, and spent over a decade as an event planner and corporate recruiter. My event planning work involved a huge decorating piece, and fueled my desire to work in the field I truly loved.

I left the corporate world in 2014 to focus on following my passion. I entered a design school, started Habitat by Lori Pratt, and became my own boss. I’m driven by creating beautiful spaces and client satisfaction. I live what I love and am happier than I have ever been in my career.

My personal style is a mix of so many things, and it does evolve over time. I’m currently loving a traditional palate with modern touches and pops of glam. But I appreciate all types of style and love to stay up to date on current trends.

My favorite season to decorate is, without a doubt, the winter and holiday season. I love warm textures, pops of gold, the joy and festive nature of all of it. I have been known to put up my holiday decor before thanksgiving, and make no apologies for it! I will say, since we moved into our forever home, and gained a nice sized backyard, I’ve also been all about outdoor furnishings, rugs, planters, lights.

What excites me most about Designed Life Delivered is bringing our joy and passion for design into your homes! We all share such love for turning a house into a home, and we want to share that with all of you!

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