Recently, we took a trip to the Las Vegas Market to shop for next season’s box treasures. While we perused and networked with fellow designers and suppliers, we got a good taste of the design trends for 2020 that we think you’ll be seeing a lot of.

For those of you that don’t know, the Las Vegas Market is THE place designers flock to in an effort to see, first hand, what will be popular and in demand for the coming year.

At the market, we were able to check out various items sold by vendors we trust and like. We get to look, touch and feel everything ensuring it fits perfectly within our standards and the emerging trends.

Speaking of trends, we saw so many new and exciting things, as well as a continuation of some reoccurring trends from years past. So what’s NEW that’s worth reporting on?

Jewel tones have been slowly making a comeback and lots of the little trinkets like vases, votives and pillows were decked out in emerald greens, turquoise, garnet , navy and mustard colors.

Speaking of navy, all things navy tie-dye were debuting in the modern/boho style vendor spaces and we LOVED it! Especially some of the soft knit blankets done in a beautiful mix of natural woven material and a rich navy tie-dye – swoon!

We also saw LOTS of purple making a comeback, and in so many different tones of the classic, rich color such as lilac and soft mauves – it really brings depth and richness to décor.

Terrazo stone, both real and faux was a big part of many of the new items showing at the market as well. Everything from coasters, to planters, to catch-all trays were in all the most on point vendors spaces.

What’s making a comeback that we are excited about? Wood – carved wood, teak wood, olive wood…you name it – it’s made into bowls both large and tiny, small plates, serving items – everything and anything your décor loving mind could dream up.

Wood tones are used by designers to warm up spaces and bring in texture and tone. Nothing warms up a neutral palate like a beautiful wood piece.

Wooden bowls and serving utensils are a great addition to any space.

And the fun of it is, you can use these items in everyday living. Throw your lemons or clementines into a large bowl, use a smaller one for nuts or seasonal items and use a flat tray for serving or as a catch-all for keys, mail, etc.

Rattan and woven woods are back – and with a really big presence this year. We saw light fixtures, frames and vases, and lots and lots of baskets made out of woven, natural materials. The texture and interest these items bring to a room is undeniable. They’re interesting to look at, to touch and have so much individual personality. Woven woods are a favorite of mine and I’m going to keep using them in every possible way!

Ethnic, woven rugs, pillows and prints were back and come in so many unique and fun colors and patterns. Mudcloth and Moroccan medallion designs were especially prominent almost everywhere we went. The variation these prints have from the traditional geometric patterns of the past is so refreshing and lends a calming, eclectic, hand-pick vibe to any décor palette.

Beautiful throw pillows with earth tones and bold patterns were very popular at the market.

We had so much fun picking through all the market has to offer and sorting through it all to finally put together what we think is the perfect décor box for spring! Each box we create will incorporate many of these design trends for 2020, and we can’t wait for you to see them!

In the meantime, we are busy shipping and packing and can’t wait to show you all that we’ve come up with for the coming year!

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