Fall Decor Box 2019

Fall Decor Woven Grass Baskets

Woven Baskets

Set of 2 woven grass baskets in tan with black accent. Perfect for fall decorating: stuff with your favorite potpourri, use as a catch all for keys or mail in the foyer, or serve your trick or treaters from them. These baskets are incredibly versatile, and their nesting design makes them easy to store when not in use.

Luxurious ceramic platter with gold and bronze accents

Serving Plate

Rectangular ceramic serving platter with gold and bronze accents. Perfect for serving appetizers or charcuterie to guests. Dishwasher safe but we recommend hand washing and drying to preserve longevity.

Set of 4 polished black aluminum measuring spoons

Measuring Spoons

Set of 4 aluminum spoons. Great for mixing cream or sugar in your morning coffee on a chilly Fall morning. Can also be used for your everyday baking, or set out with our serving platter as a beautiful finishing touch at your next party. Hand wash and dry to preserve longevity.

Beautiful home decor every season!


Fall Decor Slotted Ceramic Tea Mug

Slotted Tea Mug

Tall ceramic mug with cut out for tea bag. Perfect for warming up next to the fire or while relaxing with your favorite Fall book.

Tea Towels

Set of two hand towels. Soft and luxurious for drying hands during the cool days of fall. They also look great hanging over an oven door handle or as an accent in a powder room. Waffle pattern provides beautiful texture and visual interest.

Carved teak bowl for serving or decorating

Elongated Teak Bowl

Wooden serving vessel made of teak. This sturdy piece can be used stand alone to add a natural element to any coffee or side table. Can also be used at your next Fall gathering to serve your favorite small bites. Hand wash and hand dry to preserve longevity.

Fall Decor Fuzzy Pear with White and Gold Felt Garland

Felt Garland + Fuzzy Pear

The perfect soft touch to bring Fall and the reminder of its bounty into your home. Felt garland with gold and white circles provide a beautiful accent to your mantle or side table, or combine with other accents to create visual interest in any room.