Spring Decor Box 2020

Carved Wooden Tray

Molly: This tray is so unique and functional for many different uses. I love it on my kitchen island filled with colorful clementines or lemons. I may also use this tray to display our colored Easter eggs – perfect!

Lori: I’m using this tray on my kitchen counter to hold fresh fruit. It’s easy for the kids to help themselves, and makes it feel like Spring indoors!

Picture Frame

Molly: I have this frame displayed on my fireplace mantle with a mix of some other trendy neutral frames. It’s the perfect addition and goes with everything!

Lori: This one is easy! Fill it with your favorite family photo and place anywhere!

Gold Bowl

Molly: I love having this on my entryway table. Not only is it a nice pop of color, but it’s functional! I find myself tossing my keys and loose change in there. I may also use this as a candy dish or to hold nuts.

Lori: I’m a big fan of faux succulents so I threw a couple in the bowl for a pop of color. You can set this cutie anywhere!


Purple Vase

Molly: I love using this small vase to hold one or two spring flowers. I place it on my coffee table with a candle and it’s just perfect!

Lori: I keep a tray on my dining table with flowers and a candle. I set this charming vase on it as an additional layer of texture.

Note: Each spring decor box contains 1 vase.

Table Runner

Molly: I love the neutral, beachy, yet modern feel of this runner. Currently I’m using this indoors on my dining table with pretty black basket in the center. I can myself taking this outdoors for dinner parties as soon as it’s warm enough! It would look great with some woven wood placemats!

Lori: I’m using it on my buffet table as a nice spring accent. Covered with a tray and some fresh flowers and boom! Instant Spring!

Beautiful home decor every season!