Summer Decor Box 2019

Summer 2019 cheese board

Serving Board

Stone cutting board, beautifully colored in summertime blue and white marble. Perfect for summer gatherings with friends and family, or an late night cheese board by the night fire pit.

Summer 2019 Decorative Beads

Wood Beads

These wood beads with leather tassels are a fantastic way to add texture and a natural element to your home. Lay them on a tray in your living room, or perhaps throw them in a glass bowl in your bathroom. Wherever you feel you need a little grounding in your space, the beads are a perfect accent piece.

Summer 2019 Throw Blanket

Throw Blanket

This lightweight blanket is the perfect addition to an outdoor seating area. Use it to add a little color and texture, and to wrap around your shoulders once the summer sun has set.

Beautiful home decor every season!


Summer 2019 Matches and Candle

Candle + Matches

This fresh fig candle reminds us of ripening fruits and long summer nights. It’s the perfect accent to bring a bit of the outdoors inside. Paired with a set of darling matches in a decorative case.

Summer 2019 Bowl with Oranges

Serving Bowl

Dining al fresco is a summer must do. This serving bowl is the perfect piece to serve your favorite summer dishes in style.

Summer 2019 Ceramic Containers

Ceramic Containers

Such a versatile piece of decor! Use them in the dining room to store salt, sugar, and other spices. Or use them in the bath room for safely storing rings, bath salts, and more. These containers are so stylish and fun, use them wherever in your home to add a little pop of color and fun!

Summer 2019 Wooden Spoons

Serving Tongs

Nothing says Summer like a fresh salad picked right out of the garden. Serve them up with our oversized mango wood serving tongs.