Winter Decor Box 2019

Marble cutting board with cheese knife

Marble Serving Board with Cheese Knife

This stunning wood grain marble serving board comes with an elegant cheese knife. It’s great for serving up a great cheese plate at your next holiday party, or just leave out on the counter as a bold decor statement. For best results, hand wash only.

Large decorative wood slice

Wood Slice

This large diameter (roughly 10″) wood slice is the perfect base for your winter decor. Top it with candles, reindeer, snowmen, or any other of your favorite holiday traditions. Note that these are natural products and sizing will vary slightly between each piece.

Stacking measuring cups

Stacking Ceramic Measuring Cups

Ceramic measuring cups with beautiful patterns and gold rim. This will take your holiday baking to the next level, or use at your next holiday meal to add a touch of elegance to the table setting. Stacking design means they take up very little space when stored. For best results, hand wash only.

Beautiful home decor every season!


Wool blanket with tassels

Blanket with Tassels

This heavy wool blanket with tassels is the perfect way to stay warm on those cold days and nights. Perfect for staying cozy inside with a warm cup of cocoa!

Mercury glass hurricane lamp

Mercury Glass Hurricane Lamp

This mercury glass hurricane lamp features silver and green patterns on the outside, the perfect connotation of evergreen branches during the Winter. Great on their own as an accent piece, or add a tea light candle to help warm up any space with a little extra light.

Fir scented candle with holiday bag

Scented Candle

Nothing says winter like the smell of fresh balsam filling the room. This candle comes with a reusable holiday themed bag and will keep your home smelling wonderful all season.

Cute house shaped matches with holiday design

Designer Matches

The perfect companion to the scented candle, these cute designer matches come in their own holiday themed house. Add to your holiday village or set next to your favorite candle to add a little extra hint of the holiday season to any room.