Home Staging Supplies

A home decor subscription from Designed Life Delivered is the perfect partner for any home staging business.

Fresh home decor every season.

Home staging professionals know how important it is for a homes to have a polished look when it comes time to put up the for sale sign. But keeping your home staging supplies up to date and fresh can be time consuming and a hassle.

Save Time and Save Money

Our experienced team of decorators puts together a new, upscale home decor box 4 times per year and ships right to your door. Our expertly curated decor boxes will ensure your home staging supplies always include fresh home decor that you can use to stage any home.

cotton blend plaid blanket on chair
summer decor box 2020

The Perfect Finishing Touch

Our home decor boxes include a variety of high end accessories for every room. From blankets, candles, bowls, towels, and much more, a home decor subscription from Designed Life Delivered will give you plenty of options to perfectly stage your next home.

See How We Can Help

If you’re ready to level up your home staging supplies, look no further than Designed Life Delivered. We’ve helped thousands of happy homeowners decorate their homes, and we can help take your home staging business to the next level.

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